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Keeping your commercial space clean can be a breeze when you take advantage of a professional janitorial service! J and J Company Cleaning Services is here to provide both commercial and residential property owners with a selection of services that address your specific cleaning needs. Maintain the cleanliness of your business establishment or residence in Elizabeth, NJ by booking our superior cleaning services today! Explore our list of offers below!

Our Services

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services
Do you own a business? Whether it’s an office, a retail store, a small law firm, a restaurant, etc., we can keep it clean on a daily or regular basis! We can clean the entire space as frequently as you need us to. We’ll perform everyday cleaning tasks such as sweeping and mopping floors, wiping desks, cleaning restrooms and kitchen areas, emptying the trash, vacuuming carpets, and many more!

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
Don’t need to have your commercial establishment cleaned as frequently? Then you can make use of our commercial cleaning service instead! This service is not done as frequently, but we will thoroughly clean all hard surfaces including your floors. We can even deep clean carpets. We can also clean dirty furniture and upholstery, clean tiles and grout, wash windows, and much more!

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Sometimes, even a commercial or janitorial cleaning isn’t enough to remove deep-seated stains on certain surfaces. This is where our deep cleaning service will be needed. We will clean all areas that regular cleaning does not cover. We’ll wipe baseboards, mirrors, windows, and fixtures. We’ll dust shelves, clean blinds and other individual decorations, scrub walls, sanitize surfaces, and more!

Decontamination Disinfection

Decontamination Disinfection
As a property owner, you have the responsibility to keep everyone on the premises safe from microbial contamination, especially after the pandemic. This is exactly why our decontamination disinfection service exists. We’ll disinfect all surfaces in your home or commercial space using antimicrobial agents that are guaranteed safe and effective. Prevent contamination now by booking the service!

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning
Aside from cleaning commercial properties, we also provide a wide variety of cleaning services for residential properties such as houses, flats, condominiums, and many other types of residential properties. With our assistance, all rooms in your residence will be kept clean from top to bottom, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and any other room in your home that needs cleaning!


Pros to Consider 

A clean space is a healthy place. If you want your employees to be productive and to show integrity as a homeowner or a business owner, you should take cleaning seriously. You can’t expect clean surroundings when nobody is cleaning up. Perfection doesn’t appear out of nowhere! Although it is common knowledge, it’s a fact that cleaning up requires taking time and effort, and many people just aren’t ready for that commitment. This is why you need to take the initiative and hire a quality cleaning company like J and J Company Cleaning Services. We are ready to use our skills and expertise to not just clean but completely disinfect your entire property and keep it fresh and immaculate at all times!

What to Expect

Invest in a professional janitorial cleaning service and you will be amazed at how much time you will have to devote on what really matters: growing your business! To determine what needs cleaning and what products are best to use, you can schedule a consultation with us. We’ll find the perfect solution for the specific cleaning needs of your home or business. We use procedures focused on details to ensure nothing is missed and to deliver results that go above and beyond what you expect. We also use top-of-the-line sanitizers, disinfectants, and other cleaning solutions for safe but thorough cleaning.

Whether you need a home or office deep cleaning service, you now know which janitorial cleaning company to hire in Elizabeth, NJ. For inquiries or to schedule an appointment with us, call us right away!

Client’s Testimonial

Perfectly Cleaned

I was so tired of cleaning my office every single day. But now, I don't have to do it anymore because I book this company's janitorial cleaning service regularly. They clean my office so well and that's such a huge help because I don't have to worry about doing it myself anymore. Thank you so much!

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